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February 04 2010

The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

he Order of Nine Angles is unlike and distinct from other esoteric groups for several reasons. Among the most important distinctions are the following:

(1) Because the ONA is a genuinely sinister elite - that is, the emphasis is on the self-reliance, the independence, of the individual, and upon individual practical experience and the surpassing of the limits set by others, by "society", and especially set by the mundanes who have made such abstractions as "the State" and "the law" as a means of trying to ensure their own safety and their own mundane survival. Thus, those of the sinister elite which is the ONA are defiant individuals who have embarked upon a sinister quest to experience, know and understand - and then surpass - their own limits and that of their societies. This practical self-reliance and this practical experiencing of the sinister - and the learning from what individual, direct, practical experience teaches - means that: (a) no one individual - not even myself - has some sort of "final authority" in or over the individuals who belong to or who associate with the ONA, or who use the methodology of the ONA; and (b) there is no dogma, or "ideology", or some "authorized" teachings, associated with the ONA, for it is the methodology of the ONA which is important: the ethos, the true sinister spirit, the dark timeless acausal itself which should inspire and motivate individuals and cause them to dream surpassing dreams and strive to make their dreams reality.

(2) Because the ONA is now a living, changing, evolving being: a sinister entity, which sinister being is manifest - which lives - in the sinister tribes that are the ONA: in our many and diverse nexions (local groups), and in the many and diverse individuals who may or who may not be part of a local group/tribe and who thus may live, and do their sinister works, alone.

(3) Because the ONA has long-term sinister and esoteric aims which surpass the life-span of the individual mortals associated with it. One of these esoteric aims is to encourage, to breed, to bring-into-being, a new type of more evolved, more sinister, human being, and from these new humans create a world-wide elite of various sinister tribes. Another esoteric aim is to disrupt, undermine, and replace all existing societies, and in their stead create entirely new ways of living compatible with such evolved human beings - beyond the restrictions, the tyranny, of all modern nations and States. Another esoteric aim is for us - our new elite, our new tribes - to leave this planet which has been our childhood home and to seed ourselves among the stars.

Membership of our tribes is earned; it is a privilege; achieved by showing or by developing that personal character - that nature - that both marks us and distinguishes us from the mundanes and from those who dabble in, but who do not know, and who dare not experience for themselves, the sinister darkness we revel in and desire.

What distinguishes us - we of the tribes of the ONA - is our fierce sinister ethos, manifest in one very important way in our Law of the New Aeon. This Law, our Law, the basis for the change we seek to make to this world - and to the extra-terrestrial places where we will dwell in the future by our sinister visions, dreams and desires - is the law of personal honour. 

In practical terms, this law of personal honour means that we take personal responsibility for ourselves; and that we do not accept nor seek to abide by the "laws" made by the mundanes and their societies. Thus, for us, justice is the natural justice of personal honour - not the so-called "justice" of some "Court of Law" established by some State or by some supra-personal authority. Thus, for us, our disputes are personal ones, to be settled by ourselves, and not by being taken to or resolved by some so-called "Court of Law".  Natural law and true justice resides in - and can only ever reside in - honourable individuals, and to extract them out from such individuals (from that-which-lives) into some abstraction is the beginning of, and the practical implementation of, impersonal tyranny (the control and emasculation of individuals), however many fine sounding words may be used to justify such an abstraction and to try and obscure the true nature of honour. For individuals of honour understand - often instinctively - that honour is living while words are not; that honour lives in independent individuals of strong character, while words thrive in and through mundanes: in individuals in thrall to either their own emotions and desires or in thrall to some abstraction, or in thrall some to some -ology or to some -ism. Thus, the laws and the so-called "justice" of all modern States and nations are lifeless and de-evolutionary; a means of ensuring the survival of the mundanes and their societies; whereas the law of personal honour is the law of evolved, and evolving, free independent human beings.

The Law of the New Aeon is the law of the tribes of the ONA - and the law of those tribes and those tribal communities which will created in the future through the striving of our kindred, who probably will have dispensed with such a name as "the ONA" and who may thus describe themselves by a multitude of names and terms but who will nevertheless be our living, changing, evolving progeny, for such is the nature of the sinister being that is now, and has been for some while, the true, the esoteric, and the nameless, "ONA".

This Law of the New Aeon - our new and tribal law - means that we are clannish among ourselves; that we distinguish our tribal and feral kind, and our sinister kindred, from the mundanes (from all of those who are not-of-us), and that in our relations between ourselves - between our brothers and our sisters - we abide by a certain, and mostly unwritten, code of personal conduct. Part of this code of conduct is that we strive to treat our brothers and sisters, of our own local tribe and of our other tribes, with respect and honour, and expect them to do the same in return. That is, that we accept and strive to respect our personal differences - of personal character and of tribal methods and of "ways" and of styles of living - accepting that despite these often minor and always family differences, we are still kindred. Another aspect of our clannishness is that we should reserve our sinister manipulations, our japes, our sinister machinations, for the mundanes: for those who are not-of-us; those who are an obstacle to the achievement of our aims, or who may be used in order for us to achieve these aims of ours.

In essence, the sinister tribes of the ONA - what they are now; what they are becoming; and what they will-be - are that presencing of acausal energy which will fundamentally and irretrievably change our world, and which will manifest, and bring-into-being, an entirely new, more evolved, type of human being and entirely new types of human communities, preludes as these are to us leaving this planet which has for so long been our childhood home and to seeding ourselves among the stars of the Galaxies of the Cosmos.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen 

February 03 2010

3133 2b75

A Brief Guide to The Esoteric Philosophy of The Order of Nine Angles

The ONA has its own, unique, esoteric Philosophy and its own, unique and sinister, Way of Life - which Way of Life may be considered the praxis of the ONA, or how ONA individuals live and implement our sinister way of living and how they become, are of or belong to, the ONA.

The Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA

The esoteric Philosophy of the ONA is known by several names, among which are The Dark Tradition, The Sinister Tradition, and The Sinister Way, and the fundamental principles of this esoteric Philosophy are:

(1) that the Cosmos consists of a causal continuum [a causal Universe] and an acausal continuum [an acausal Universe], with living beings, of various species, existing in both our own causal continuum and in the acausal continuum;
(2) that there exists two types of causal being [living and non-living], differentiated by whether or not these types of causal being possess, or manifest, what is termed acausal energy;
(3) that acausal energy - from the acausal continuum - is what animates all life in the causal continuum; 
(4) that all living beings in the causal continuum are a nexion - a connexion - between the causal and the acausal; 
(5) the more complex, the more organized, the causal life, the more acausal energy is presenced in that life; 
(6) our consciousness, as human beings, is a means whereby we can access the nexion we are to the acausal, and a means whereby we can form, or pattern, our own acausal energy;  
(7) we possess the ability - the way, the means - of gaining for ourselves more acausal energy, of evolving and thus increasing our own acausal energy, and thus of transcending to live in the acausal continuum.

Hence, The Dark Tradition of the ONA has its own ontology, its own theory of ethics, its own epistemology, and its own praxis, which derive from the ontology of causal and acausal, and from our nature as human beings, which is of us being a nexion to the acausal continuum.

The Nature of Causal and Acausal

1) The causal, or phenomenal or physical, universe can be described - or represented - by the three-dimensional causal geometry of causal Space and by one dimension of linear causal Time.

(2) The acausal universe can be described - or represented - by an acausal Space of n acausal dimensions, and an acausal, un-linear, Time of n dimensions, where n is currently unknown but is greater than three and less than or equal to infinity.

The causal universe is the realm of causal matter/energy, and the acausal universe is the realm of acausal matter/energy. 

The causal universe is currently described by causal sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy. The acausal universe can be described by a new science based on the new Physics of acausal energy and thus on a new acausal geometry, based on a new acausal metrical Space-Time of n acausal dimensions and an acausal Time also of n dimensions.

In addition, nexions to the acausal, from our own causal Universe, are of two types: (1) physical nexions, where a specific region of or a specific place in causal Space-Time intersects, or is joined to or with, acausal Space-Time; and (2) living (organic) nexions, where acausal energy from the acausal manifests in and thus animates a living, causal, being.

The Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA is thus, when conventionally viewed, a new and a rational philosophy.

The Esoteric Praxis of the ONA

Essentially, our praxis consists of: 

1) Sinister (warrior) Tribes - those directly living and directly presencing our Sinister Way of Life;
2) Traditional Nexions - composed of those undertaking our Seven Fold Sinister Way in the traditional manner of Left Hand Path seeker, via Grade Rituals, Insight Roles, and practical LHP magick;
3) Sinister Empaths (of which the Rounwytha is an example) and esoteric scientists studying and seeking knowledge of the acausal.

Our most fundamental and long-term practical goals are to create an entirely new, more evolved human species, and for this new human species to explore and to colonize the star-systems of our own, and of other, Galaxies - to thus create a Dark Galactic Imperium. This will also require the development of a new acausal technology, based on the Physics of acausal energy. 

Furthermore, we see the breakdown, destruction, and the replacement of all existing (and mundane) societies  - by our new progressive societies based on our new warrior tribes - as a necessary prelude to this Galactic aim of ours.

Thus, the immediate and intermediate aims of our sinister Way of Life are:

(1) to use our Dark Tradition to create sinister Adepts and, over a long period of causal Time, aid and enhance and create that new, more evolved, human species of which genuine Sinister Adepts may be considered to be the phenotype; 

(2) to use the sinister dialectic (and thus Aeonic Magick and genuine Sinister Arts) to aid and enhance and make possible entirely new types of societies for human beings, with these new societies being based on new tribes and a tribal way of living where the only law is that of our Dark Warriors, which is the Law of The Sinister-Numen (see Appendix 1);

(3) to aid, encourage, and bring about - by both practical and esoteric means (such as subversion, revolution, and Dark Sorcery) - the breakdown and the downfall of existing societies, and thus to replace the tyranny of nations and States, and their impersonal governments, by our new tribal societies and our Law of the Sinister-Numen.

The Esoteric Ethics of the ONA

The ethics of the ONA are based upon our axiom that personal honour - what we know of as, or what we term, personal honour - expresses our true nature as human beings capable of consciously evolving ourselves and the Cosmos. Thus, personal honour - manifest in our Law of The Sinister-Numen - is a means to access acausal energy and a means to change and evolve ourselves in a natural way consistent with our true nature and our true purpose, which nature and purpose is to know our natural wyrd, to presence our wyrd: to participate in, to partake of, our own evolution and that of the Cosmos itself. 

All evolution - conscious and otherwise - is darkly-numinous; that is, it possesses or it manifests acausal energy in particular ways, and personal honour, as defined by and as manifest in our Law of The Sinister-Numen, is a practical, a willed, an evolutionary, presencing of acausal energy.

Our Law of The Sinister-Numen is our guide for our own individual personal behaviour, and our guide to how we relate to, and should treat others. It specifies our type of law, and the nature of our justice, as it manifests the nature, the character, of those of our kind: the Dark Warrior, someone who lives, and if necessary dies, by the Law of The Sinister-Numen. (See Footnote 1)

Furthermore, our Law of The Sinister-Numen is manifest - made real and practical - by means of our sinister warrior tribes, for it is by means of these tribes that we can come to know, and to live, our wyrd: that is, (1) come to discover our true nature, as human beings capable of consciously participating in our own evolution and that of the Cosmos, and (2) actively participate in our own evolution and that of the Cosmos. (See Appendix 2) 

The Esoteric Epistemology of the ONA

The epistemology of the Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA asserts that there are two distinct types of knowing - causal and acausal - and that:

A) knowledge of the causal continuum can be obtained by causal Science which is based on the following foundations:

(i) the causal, phenomenal, universe exists independently of us and our consciousness, and thus independent of our senses; (ii) our limited understanding of this causal ‘external world’ depends for the most part upon our senses – that is, on what we can see, hear or touch; that is, on what we can observe or come to know via our senses and by practical scientific experiments; (iii) logical argument, or reason, is the basic means to knowledge and understanding of and about this ‘external world’; (iv) the cosmos is, of itself, a reasoned order subject to rational laws; (v) that, in competing explanations of events or observations, the simplest and most logical explanation is to be preferred.

B) knowledge of the acausal continuum can be obtained by (i) developing a new Science of acausal Physics, based on an understanding of acausal energy; (ii) by developing and evolving our latent faculties, such as that of dark-empathy; (iii) by coming-to-know, and to interact with, such acausal, living, beings as can manifest - or which esoteric tradition asserts have been manifest - in our causal continuum; and (iv) by means of such things as developing a new and an acausal technology, and thus by exploring the realms of the acausal itself.

According to our esoteric epistemology:

1) Causal knowing is that deriving from causal-based rational Philosophies and from causal Sciences such as Physics, and this type of knowing is essentially based on a physical cause-and-effect (in the case of causal Sciences) or an abstract cause-and-effect (in the case of causal Philosophies). 

Hence, the type of causal knowing which is the concern of traditional epistemology is limited, and derives from positing causal abstractions, and then projecting these abstractions onto things (onto causal beings, living and non-living). That is, this type of causal knowing denotes things and causal beings by such causal abstractions. There is then the assumptions of knowing, and/or of having understood or having an understanding of, such things and such causal beings. (See Footnote 2)

According to the Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA, the error of all conventional Philosophies is that they apply, or try to apply, a purely causal perception - based on a linear cause-and-effect - and lifeless causal abstractions, to living beings, such as ourselves. This causal type of knowing is thus un-numinous (that is, devoid or without acausal energy).

2) Acausal knowing is that deriving from (i) apprehending the acausal essence of living causal beings; (ii) a study of the nature of acausal energy, and the nature of the acausal Universe itself by means of developing new acausal sciences and technologies; and (iii) apprehending and coming-to-know (interacting with) those living acausal beings we are currently aware of, or can become aware of in our present state of human evolution.

The acausal essence - the acausal energy - of living causal beings can be apprehend, by we human beings, by means of our latent faculties such as what we term dark (or sinister) empathy.

Our traditional esoteric Dark Arts are one means by which we can come to know, and to interact with, such acausal, living, beings as can manifest - or which esoteric tradition asserts have been manifest - in our causal continuum.

Our very evolution, as human beings - in terms of consciousness, understanding and knowledge - results from acausal energy, and from us accessing such acausal energy in particular ways.

According to the Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA, those things, and/or those creations of our causal Arts - such as music - which we feel are or which we come to know as numinous, are simply a presencing of acausal energy by means of a nexion, and thus can be considered as one type of intimation of the acausal - of the Life there, and of the very nature of the acausal continuum itself. That is, such numinous works of conventional Arts have often been a means whereby:  (1) some human beings (through their artistic creations or through their performance of such creations, their own, or others) can access and presence some acausal energy; and (2) where those affected by such numinous works of Art achieve or can achieve some intimation of the acausal. This also applies to genuine work of Dark Sorcery.

We Are As We Are

The Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA is simply a means; an effective and practical means to change, to evolve, ourselves and our societies; to manifest, to present, our wyrd - that is, to know, to accept, to live, our correct and natural relationship with the Cosmos, with both the causal Universe and the acausal Universe, and the living beings that exist in both. This wyrd of ours is most obviously manifest, in a practical way, through our sinister tribes and our Law of The Sinister Numen.

The ONA is not interested in proselytizing, in converting others, or in trying to persuade others - through argument or debate or by countering distortions and lies about us - to adopt our sinister Way of Life. We are as we are, representing as we do a specific new type, a new breed, of human being, a specific new and expanding tribal family of human beings. Our Way is the practical way of deeds, of living our darkly-numinous Way of Life; of increasing our numbers through the success of our tribes, though drawing others of our kind to us, and through others being personally inspired by our example, by our success.

Order of Nine Angles
Year of Fayen 121


(1) One secret of our darkly-numinous wyrd is that our mortal, causal, life is not the end, but only a beginning, and that if we live and die in the right way, we can possibly attain for ourselves a life in the realms of the acausal. Our Law of The Sinister-Numen is the most practical way for us to do this, to achieve this, for this Law is a manifestation, a presencing, of acausal energy, and by living in accord with this Law we are accessing, and presencing within ourself, more acausal energy, and thus evolving and increasing our own type of acausal energy. 

Acausal energy - that which animates us and makes us alive and which allows and causes our evolution - cannot by its very nature be destroyed in the causal continuum. It can only be presenced in organic, causal (living) beings, or it can be dispersed, thinly, over causal Time, in the causal until it is re-presenced in some-thing, or until it returns to the acausal continuum by some means.

Such an achieved acausal existence, for us, is - by the very nature of the acausal - time-less, eternal, and not subject to the organic process of decay that is an inherent part of all causally existing life. 

As stated in two other ONA MSS:

The very purpose and meaning of our individual, causal – mortal – lives is to progress, to evolve, toward the acausal, and that this, by virtue of the reality of the acausal itself, means and implies a new type of sinister existence, a new type of being, with this acausal existence being far removed from – and totally different to – any and every Old Aeon representation, both Occult, non-Occult and “religious”. Thus it is that we view our long-term human social and personal evolution as a bringing-into-being of a new type of sinister living, in the causal – on this planet, and elsewhere – and also as a means for us, as individuals of a new sinister causal species, to dwell in both the causal and acausal Universes, while we live, as mortals, and to transcend, after our mortal, causal “death”, to live as an acausal being, which acausal being can be currently apprehended, and has been apprehended in the past, as an immortal sinister being..

Thus do we know – thus do we feel – that death itself is irrelevant, an illusion, a mere ending of a mere causal existence, and that it is what we do with the opportunities that this, our causal life, offers and can offer us, that is important. Thus we do not fear death, and instead defy it, just as we seek to defy ourselves – what we are, now – and just as we seek to defy the mudanes and all those causal restrictions, those causal forms, that they have created to make them feel safe, and secure and content with their mundane un-warrior like merely causal and thus un-numinous existence.

(2) Basically, causal abstraction is the positing of some "perfect" or "ideal" form of some-thing, and/or manufacturing some category which some-thing is said "to belong to, or be a part of".

Thus, things - beings in the causal - are allocated to, or classified according to, some abstract category or some abstract 
type, and/or compared to some abstract or some ideal/perfect form.

Such categories, and such abstract ideal forms, are then often incorrectly used to judge some-thing (including, for example, some living person).

There is thus no direct - and thus certainly no acausal - knowing of a thing or of a living human being, as those things and as human beings are in their Cosmic essence and according to their wyrd, for the knowing of such traditional epistemology is only the linear, causal, the distorted and/or the illusory, knowing of imposed, projected, intermediate, fallible (often changing), abstractions and categories.

In contrast, the epistemology of the Esoteric Philosophy of the ONA allows, and is a means of obtaining, a Cosmic (a numinous, wyrdful, esoteric) knowing, based as this numinous, Cosmic, knowing is on the combination of rational causal Sciences and the acausal knowing obtained by such things as acausal Sciences, acausal-empathy, and the development and evolution of ourselves and our faculties.

Appendix 1

The Law of The Sinister-Numen

Honour, according to and as defined by the sinister-numen, is a specific code of personal behaviour and conduct, and the practical means whereby we can live in an evolved way, consistent with the sinister perspective, and aims, of our Sinister Way. Thus, personal honour is how we can change, and control, ourselves.

Honour not only defines our personal behaviour, and imposes upon us certain duties and obligations, but it also defines us, as individuals – that is, it is an essential part of our identity, as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen, and it distinguishes us from the mundanes, from all those who are not-of-us, who do not belong to our kind. Honour is what binds our tribes; what makes our tribes, what makes and what marks our new way of living.

For us, our honour is more important than our own lives, and it is this willingness to live and if necessary die for and because of our honour that makes us strong, fearsome, and enables us to live life on a higher level than any mundane. For it is through honour – through our fearlessness, our scorn of our mortal death – that we come to exult in Life itself.

Our honour means we are fiercely loyal to our own kind – to those who, like us, live by honour and our prepared to die for their honour. Our honour means we are wary of, and do not trust – and often despise – all those who are not like us, who are not of our own fearsome dark warrior kind.

Our honourable duty – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to be ready, willing, and able to defend ourselves, in any situation, and to be prepared to use lethal force to so defend ourselves.

Our honourable duty – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to be loyal to, and to defend, our own kind: to do our duty, even unto death, to those to whom we have sworn a personal oath of loyalty.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to seek revenge, if necessary unto death, against anyone who acts dishonourably toward us, or who acts dishonourably toward those to whom we have sworn a personal oath of loyalty.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to never willingly submit to any mundane; to die fighting rather than surrender to them; to die rather than allow ourselves to be dishonourably humiliated by them.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to never trust any oath or any pledge of loyalty given, or any promise made, by any mundane, and to be wary of them at all times.

Our honourable duty – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to settle our serious disputes, among ourselves, by either trial by combat, or by a duel involving deadly weapons; and to challenge to a duel anyone – mundane, or one of our own kind – who impugns our honour or who makes dishonourable accusations against us.

Our honourable duty – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to settle our non-serious disputes, among ourselves, by having a man or woman of honour from among us, who is highly esteemed because of their honour and known for their honourable deeds, arbitrate and decide the matter for us, and to honourably accept without question, and to abide by, their decision.

Our honourable duty – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to always keep our word, once we have given our word on our honour, for to break one’s word is a dishonourable, cowardly, and mundane, act.

Our honourable duty – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to act honourably in all our dealings with our own honourable kind; to strive to be fair, and courteous, with those of our own kind.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – is to marry only those from our own kind, who thus, like us, live by honour and are prepared to die to save their honour.

Our honourable, our Dreccian, duty – as Dreccian individuals who live by the Law of the Sinister-Numen – means that an oath of loyalty or allegiance, once sworn by a man or woman of honour (“I swear by my honour that I shall…”) can only be ended either: (1) by the man or woman of honour formally asking the person to whom the oath was sworn to release them from that oath, and that person agreeing so to release them; or (2) by the death of the person to whom the oath was sworn. Anything else is dishonourable, and the act of a mundane.

Appendix 2

Sinister Tribes and The Tyranny of The State
A Brief Diatribe

Our wyrd - our true nature, as human beings capable of consciously participating in our own evolution and that of the Cosmos - is most obviously manifest, in a practical way, through our sinister warriortribes and our Law of The Sinister Numen. Furthermore, if we know, and if we develope, our wyrd, we become, we are, a particular new type (a new breed) of human being - quite distinct from the mundanes. In essence, we become Dark Warriors, living and if necessary dying by the Law of The Sinister-Numen. 

Our sinister tribes are a practical, a darkly-numinous, evolution of that natural tribal instinct that lives within us and which has lived within us, and which tribal instinct has made possible (hitherto mostly unconsciously) our evolution, as human beings. That is, the sinister tribes of the ONA are a means whereby we can access and increase our own acausal energy, as individuals, and participate in our own evolution, and that of the Cosmos. To do this - to know and to live our wyrd - is to live in a symbiotic relationship with others of our new kind; to balance our unique individuality with our necessary and natural and numinous (that is, honourable) co-operation with others of our kind. For it is such honourable (numinous) co-operation with others of our own kind (within our own tribal family) which presences and which allows our own individual wyrd to be evolved.

In direct opposition to our wyrd is the modern tyranny of The State, which is un-numinous and de-evolutionary in nature, purpose and intent. For the State takes away our natural right of personal honour, and that natural and evolutionary way of living which is tribal, and replaces honour by impersonal, lifeless, abstract "law", and replaces tribes by the impersonal, lifeless, abstract, State and nation, which are - despite the illusion and pretence of democracy by some such States - are all run by an oligarchy, for the benefit of that wealthy and privileged oligarchy.

In place of the natural and personal knowing - the acausal-knowing - of our tribal (extended) family, there is the impersonal causal lifeless "knowing" of our place as some mechanistic "citizen" of the State or nation. In place of the natural loyalty to, and the care of and from, our own tribal family - based on a personal, numinous, knowing and loyalty - there is the division of us into isolated, un-numinous and de-evolutionary single family units, dependant on usury, and where our given purpose is to toil for the State, on behalf of The State, or for ourselves and our single isolated family unit, and to which State we have to pay, for all of our working lives, mandatory taxes, thus making us wage or salary slaves, almost always burdened by debt.

In place of our natural, healthy, evolutionary warrior way of life - based on a tribal way of living and the law of personal honour - the State denudes us of numinous meaning, of wyrd, and provides us only with de-evolutionary aims and goals. In place of the glory of a Galactic Imperium, and the promise of a warrior-won acausal existence, the tyranny of The State provides us with only causal illusions and abstractions and meaningless "rewards", so that we remain tame, domesticated, animals, paying our taxes, and subservient to their dishonourable enforcers, the bullies they call the forces of their "law and order."

Thus, we by our very nature, by our wyrd, are violently, implacably, and in all practical ways, opposed to the State and its de-evolutionary self-serving tyranny.

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ONA Manuscripts
Main Category: Guides to the ONA 
Sub Category: Esoteric Philosophy of The ONA
Date: 121yf
Version 1.01
Last revised 121yf

The Ontology and Theology of Traditional Satanism

The Nature of Reality According to Traditional Satanism
The fundamental ontological axioms of the Sinister Way of Traditional Satanism are: (1) there are two types of being, differentiated by whether or not they possess, or manifest, what is termed acausal energy, and (2) that we can only correctly and currently know a manifestation of acausal energy, an acausal being, through our currently under-developed and under-used psychic faculties.

Reality, for Traditional Satanism, is postulated to be the Cosmos, with this Cosmos having a bifurcation of being: that is, the Cosmos exists - is manifest - in both causal space-time, and in what we term acausal space-time. Causal space-time has three causal spatial dimensions and one causal Time dimension, and acausal space-time has n number (a currently undefined number) of acausal dimensions (which are not spatial) and an acausal Time dimension. Causal space-time can thus be considered to the phenomenal, physical, universe we are aware of through our senses, and this universe is governed by physical laws and contains physical, causal, matter/energy.

Traditional Satanism posits, and accepts, that they are acausal beings existing in acausal space-time ( see footnote 1 ) just as there are causal beings existing in causal space-time, which causal beings include our own human species, and the life which shares this planet, Earth, with us. 

According to Traditional Satanism, all causal living beings (existing or having their being in the causal physical universe) are understood as a presencing, in the causal, of acausal being (or energy) by the fact that they are alive. That is, all causal living beings are all connexions - nexions - between the causal and the acausal continuums.

The Being of Nature

Nature may be defined as that innate creative (acausal) force (or energy) which operates in the physical world, on this planet, and which causes, or is the genesis of, and controls, causal living organisms in certain ways.  These "certain ways" are the laws of Nature.  The 'evolution of species' is a term used to describe one theory about one of the ways in which Nature is assumed to work, in the causal Universe (the causal continuum).

Nature can thus be conceived as a type of being. This does not mean that Nature should be understood in anthropomorphic terms, but rather that Nature is a living, changing, entity: some-thing which is alive; that is, Nature is another example of a nexion - of where there is a connexion between the causal continuum and the acausal continuum. We ourselves, as human beings, are simply - on planet Earth - one manifestation, one presencing, of Nature among many: that is, we are subject to the laws of Nature, the laws which govern organic change and organic life itself. Like all causal life on this planet, we causal beings are born, we grow and change, and our causal being dies, that is, ceases to be imbued with  - to be animated by - acausal energy. That is, "we" cease to have a causal life.

Most Earth cultures had, or have, a belief that Nature is living, and the Mother of, the bringer-forth of, all life.

In olden times, Nature herself was often personified in terms of gods, and goddesses. That is, we apprehended Nature in terms of ourselves - in terms of individual causal beings with names, a history and a distinct personality. However, this type of apprehension is no longer necessary nor valid since we have developed, over the last few thousand years, the faculty of pure reason, and the faculty of acausal empathy, and can understand Nature, ourselves and the cosmos beyond Nature, in a natural manner without such intermediate abstract forms. That is, we can now apprehend Nature as Nature is. Hitherto, we projected human-type causal forms onto Nature in an effort to comprehend Nature as we did not possess much of an understanding of the Cosmos beyond Nature and beyond the causal, and how Nature is but part of this causal and acausal Cosmos.

The Philosophy of Traditional Satanism

The essential starting point for a philosophy is to pose, and answer, the questions about the origin and meaning of life - or, more specifically, about our causal lives, as human beings, in the causal Universe, on this planet we call Earth.

Traditional Satanism does not believe that we human beings, and causal life itself, was created by some Supreme Being, which supreme Being is commonly referred to as God. According to Traditional Satanism, life evolved naturally on this planet, from finite beginnings we as yet do not precisely understand. The essence of the Traditional Satanism perspective about our origins in the causal Universe is reason - or rather, what used to be called Natural Philosophy: through observation, experiment and the use of reason, or logic, we can understand our world, the causal Cosmos, and ourselves. Thus, Traditional Satanism is, in one important respect, a rationalist Way of Life which accepts: (1) that the Causal Universe (or Causal Reality) exists independently of us and our consciousness, and thus independent of our senses; (2) our limited understanding of this causal 'external world' depends for the most part upon our senses - that is, on what we can see, hear or touch; that is, on what we can observe or come to know via our senses; (3) logical argument - reason - and experiment are the best means to knowledge and understanding of and about this 'external world'; (4) the Causal Universe is, of itself, a reasoned order subject to rational laws; (5) our faculty of acausal-empathy is a means for us to know the nexion we are, and how we can discover our correct relationship to all other life. Thus, practical reason - Natural Philosophy - enables us to comprehend the external, physical, causal, Universe.

Furthermore, Traditional Satanism also affirms that the knowledge and understanding of the causal Universe - achieved by means of reason and observation - is not the only type of knowledge and understanding available to us, for there is knowledge and understanding of the acausal continuum, and the acausal beings who, or which, exist (and "live") there, and that our psychic faculties enable us to sense, to begin to know, and are one means of comprehending, acausal Life in all its variety and forms. An axiom of Traditional Satanism is that by developing our latent psychic faculties we can gain a better understanding - and more knowledge of - Nature, of the acausal, and of acausal beings, and thus of ourselves.

The Answers of Traditional Satanism

The Philosophy of Traditional Satanism accepts that the purpose of our mortal, causal, lives is essentially two fold. First, to change, to develope, to evolve, ourselves, and to explore and to enjoy the possibilities that causal life offers - for our mortal, causal, life is a limited, finite, opportunity. Second, that if we develope, evolve, ourselves in a particular way - and especially if we develope our psychic faculties - there exists the possibility of us, as a new type of being, living-on beyond our causal death, in the acausal continuum.

Thus, the Philosophy of Traditional Satanism asserts:

(1) That we human beings possess the potential to participate in and to control our own evolution - that is, we have the (mostly latent) ability to consciously evolve to become the genesis of a new human species, and that genuine esoteric Arts - and especially and in particular The Dark Arts - are one of the most viable ways by which such a conscious evolution can occur;

(2) That genuine esoteric knowledge and insight - and thus genuine self-understanding and self-evolution - requires both a development of our latent psychic faculties and a practical knowledge of the acausal continuum deriving from a coming-to-know acausal beings;

(3) That what has hitherto been known and described as magic(k) - especially Dark Sorcery, or Black Magic(k) - is one effective means of coming-to-know certain acausal beings, and is thus a beginning to understanding the acausal itself.

Our psychic faculties include what may be termed acausal empathy (otherwise know as sinister empathy, or esoteric/magickal empathy) and acausal thinking.

Acausal empathy is basically sensitivity to, and awareness of, acausal energies as these energies are presenced in living beings, in Nature, and/or presenced in the causal either via some acausal being, or directly, as "raw" acausal energy (that is, acausal energy trying to find some causal form to inhabit). Various esoteric (Occult) means and techniques exist to develope such acausal empathy.

Acausal thinking is basically apprehending the causal, and acausal energy, as these "things" are - that is, beyond all causal abstractions, and beyond all causal symbols, and symbolism, where such causal symbols include language, and the words and terms that are part of language, and what has hitherto been regarded as the terms and symbols of conventional Occultism, for such conventional Occultism is ineluctably bound to causal thinking. Various genuine esoteric (Occult) means and techniques exist to develope such acausal thinking. An important aspect of acausal thinking is thinking in terms of acausal time - that is, not in terms of the linear "cause and effect" of the causal continuum, bur rather in what can be inaccurately described in terms of Simultaneity, of there being "action at a distance" unlike in conventional (causal) physics.

The Living Beings of The Acausal

According to Traditional Satanism, there are several types of distinct acausal beings who exist in the acausal continuum, known to us - historically and otherwise - from Adepts who, having developed acausal empathy and acausal thinking, have discovered or come to know of, such beings.

Acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts and abstractions. Some dwell (and can only exist in) the acausal spaces, while others can dwell or be manifest in both the acausal and the causal, with there being many different types of acausal entities all of which have their own "nature" or type of being. Essentially, they have no physical form, as we define and understand physical form (for example, a body) although some types of acausal being, who can dwell or manifest or be presenced in our causal spaces, can dwell-within, or presence themselves within or be presenced within, a causal form such as a living body or being (including a human being) and some of the acausal beings who can or who have done this are known as "shapeshifters".  We cannot "see"or detect (by our limited physical senses or by using causality-based physical instruments) unpresenced acausal beings who may be transiting through or dwelling-within our causal spaces (our physical world/universe) if such beings have not accessed, or presenced themselves, in some causal, living, form (or even, in most cases, even if they have done this). However, some of us (and some other life) may sometimes "feel" or be aware of some such acausal beings: for example, if we possess a certain type of empathy or have the esoteric knowledge to detect some such transiting or in-dwelling acausal beings.

Since these acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts and abstractions, it is incorrect to judge such beings according to our limited, causal, "morality". They are neither "good" nor "evil". They live according to their own nature, as acausal beings, just as, for example, a wild predatory animal lives according to its wild predatory nature. According to esoteric tradition, there are some acausal beings who are drawn or who have been in the past been drawn toward our causal spaces (our physical universe/world) because they do or have acquired the ability to "feed off" certain types of emotion (or "states of being") which emotion (or "states of being") are but types of energy. 

Due to the nature of the acausal spaces (and thus the nature of acausal energy) acausal beings do not "die" as we die and do not "age" as we age. Furthermore, our causal concept of physical travel (or movement) which takes causal time is irrelevant to and does not apply to such beings, due to their very nature as acausal beings.  However, most acausal beings are not, by our standards, "all-powerful" and many cannot change or restructure temporal things, just as some cannot transit to ("be presenced in") the causal spaces, or dwell-within causal beings, without some aid or assistance in opening a nexion or nexions (which in many instances is just a direct connexion between the causal and acausal spaces).

According to tradition, some of these known acausal beings have been collectively described by the term The Dark Gods, or The Dark Ones (or The Dark Immortals), and included in this particular type of acausal being is the entity more commonly known to us as Satan, and that entity which we, limited causal, mortal beings, describe as the female counterpart of Satan, who - according to The Dark Tradition inherited by the ONA - has the name Baphomet, and who is the dark, violent, Goddess - the real Mistress of Earth (and of Nature) - to whom human sacrifices were, and are, made and who ritualistically and symbolically washes in a basin full of the blood of Her victims. According to aural legend, She - as one of The Dark Gods - is also a shapeshifter who has intruded (”visited”, been presenced or manifest) on Earth in times past, and who can manifest again if certain rituals are performed and certain sacrifices made. Traditionally, it was to Baphomet that Initiates and Adepts of the Dark Tradition dedicated their chosen, selected, victims when a human culling was undertaken, and such cullings were - and are - regarded as one of the prerequisites for attaining sinister Adeptship.

Importantly, Traditional Satanism does not regard Satan – or any of The Dark Ones, such as Baphomet – as conventional “gods” or “goddesses” are understood, and thus as beings to be worshipped, feared, and obeyed in a conventional religious sense. Instead, they are regarded as sinister friends; as new found companions; and may be likened to long-lost sisters and brothers or other relatives; and - in the case of Satan and Baphomet - as akin to our hitherto unknown mother and father, to be thus admired and respected, but never "worshipped". In addition, and in the case of some of these dark entities, they are, or can be considered as, our lovers. Thus, our relationship to these acausal beings is certainly not one of fear, or of subservience.

In addition, the term The Dark Gods is to be understood as but a useful, somewhat Old Aeon (that based on causal thinking), inherited exoteric term to describe a particular acausal species many of whom are known to and named by The Dark Tradition, which species, when manifest in the causal, are certainly far more powerful than human beings. Thus, the conventional names given to some such acausal beings as are known to us, or which have been known to human beings in ages past, are only exoteric names; only imperfect, causal, terms which are useful symbols. 

Thus, a name such as "Satan" does not fully describe the real acausal nature and character of that specific acausal being, which acausal being has an esoteric name - an acausal name deriving from acausal thinking and acausal knowing - which better describes such a being.

The Question of God

The philosophy of Traditional Satanism does not assume nor accept that there is a supreme Being, or deity. That is, a supreme creator Being does not and never has existed, and such a figure is regarded as a human, a causal, abstraction, a human manufactured construct, a myth, which human beings, and thus certain religions and theologies and philosophies, have incorrectly imposed upon the reality of the Cosmos in a vain attempt to understand it, and themselves. Thus, our Satan - our Dark One - is not subservient to some omnipotent God, but is instead a particular type of living acausal being, subject only to the natural laws of the acausal continuum.

The Question of Evil and The Existence of Satan

What has been conventionally termed "the question (or the problem) of evil" - by other philosophies and religions and Way of Life - does not exist for Traditional Satanism since Traditional Satanism accepts that conventional morality is a causal abstraction: some causal form, or some dogma, which is incorrectly projected onto the nature, the reality, of the causal continuum, and which abstraction obscures our real, and our of necessity individual, connexion to the Cosmos. That is, conventional morality - like all religious dogma and all laws - takes away, or restricts, the inalienable individual freedom of a living human being to be an individual: to be that singular, unique, nexion they are to the acausal.

For Traditional Satanism, it is only and ever the individual who - developing acausal empathy and acausal thinking - can directly comprehend and directly implement meaning, whether this "meaning" be described by such limited, causal terms as "morality", and evil and law - based as these causal terms are on the restriction, the oppression, of causal thinking. Thus, Traditional Satanism is a genuine liberation and a genuine evolution of the individual, for Traditional Satanism gives the individual access to the very essence of their own, individual, being: which is the acausal energy that animates them, making them alive, and which is also the apprehension and understanding of them as a unique nexion, of the acausal continuum itself, and of the acausal life that resides there, and which can - in some circumstances - be manifest in our own causal continuum.

Hence, a knowing of such acausal beings as Satan and Baphomet are one means whereby we, as individuals, can come to know ourselves, to evolve ourselves, and come to understand the meaning and purpose of our causal, mortal lives: which is to live-on beyond our causal death, in the acausal continuum as a new type, a new species, of immortal acausal being.

This individual and unique discovering of meaning by individuals, this knowing of such acausal beings - this understanding of how and why beings such as Satan exist - is a learning of the Art of Dark Sorcery, part of which learning is developing acausal empathy and acausal thinking, and it is the transmission of this dark and ancient Art, and its use by individuals, which is the raison d'etre of that sinister association known as The Order of Nine Angles.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles


(1) For convenience, acausal space-time will often be referred to simply as "the acausal", and causal space-time as "the causal". Also, the causal refers to the causal Universe of causal space-time, and the acausal to the acausal Universe of acausal space-time, with both the causal and the acausal Universes together forming the Cosmos.

The causal Universe is also sometimes referred to as "the causal continuum", and the acausal Universe as "the acausal continuum".
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